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About Us

Alpha Resources® was founded in 1978 with the clear objective of providing customers in the combustion analysis industry with high quality products at fair prices, in an environment where the customer, not the supplier, takes center stage.

Since its founding, Alpha Resources® has continued to expand its product line and quality programs resulting in a broader range of high quality products for you, our customer, to achieve long term and ongoing savings. With our ever-growing product line, we can provide you with all of your routine consumable and certified reference material needs. Our quality accreditations (ISO17034, ISO17025, ISO9001:2015) give you the needed assurances that our products will perform in your applications with consistency and predictability.


The Present and Future

Today we manufacture the greatest mix of consumables offered by any aftermarket supplier in the marketplace. Our customers include OEMs under private label, dealers both internationally and domestically, as well as end users from small family owned laboratories to large government and global Fortune 500 companies.

Alpha Resources® will continue investing in its manufacturing capability, people and processes in the unrelenting pursuit to provide you with a growing selection of high quality products at value beyond measure. Our service team of professionals is dedicated to expediting your orders and facilitating any questions you may have along the way. 

In the coming years, look for Alpha Resources® to expand its product offering further into OES, XRF, TOC, ICP, AA and related technologies. 


Global Reach

Alpha Resources® products are sold direct throughout the world and through independent dealers in over 70 different countries. In most countries we offer multiple dealers to provide you with flexibility to best meet your service needs. Our global presence is ever growing. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact us at dealersupport@alpharesources.com to inquire. 

Latest News

Alpha has successfully completed its ISO 17025 and 17034 certification assessments. This reaffirms Alpha's ongoing pursuit to provide high quality products that its customers can depend on to deliver consistent, reliable results. Please click here to view the new documents. 

Our technical team was approached by a Fortune 500 company to help them with a Loss on Ignition or LOI/residue reference standard for testing a proprietary material they produce. Their process used a Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA) and was modified to test their specific materials. Initially we were able to provide them with a reference standard that had somewhat similar properties for them to reference. The company’s product is highly proprietary and initially the customer was apprehensive about sharing further details with our team. Over time, as the customer became more familiar with Alpha Resources® and our personnel, their appreciation for our technical capabilities and confidence grew considerably.