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Our History

1978 - Alpha Resources® was founded in Xenia, Ohio with its first product: Reference Materials for the coal industry

1991 - Alpha Resources® trademarks Alphasolve, our special CO2 absorber with high visual color change indicator

1979 - Introduced ring and pin Certified Reference Materials

1992 - Facility is expanded to 41,000 Sqft, Alpha sample containment (capsules, cups) are introduced

1980 - Alpha Resources® is relocated to Stevensville, Michigan in a 12,000 Sqft manufacturing facility

1994 - Alpha manufactured graphite crucibles for ONH analysis are introduced

1982 - Alpha Resources® introduced ceramic  and glass products for combustion analysis

1997 - Facility is expanded to 55,000 Sqft

1985 - Added first international dealer

2002 - Alpha Resources® obtains ISO17025 for production of Certified Reference Materials

1986 - Alpha Certified Reference Materials for the petroleum industry are introduced

2016 - Alpha Resources® obtains ISO17034 for production of Certified Reference Materials

1989 - Alpha metallographic supplies are introduced; Alpha Resources® trademarks Alphacel, our specialty blend of tungsten designed for optimal combustion

2017 - Alpha Resources® obtains ISO9001 for the design, development and manufacture of technical ceramics, technical graphite, scientific glass, chemical reagents and other related laboratory consumables and accessories for combustion analysis

1990 - Facility is expanded to 17,000 Sqft; Alpha Resources® trademarks Alcron, our specialty blended diamond polishing compounds for metallography

2020 - Alpha Resources® expands to double manufacturing space with new SW Michigan building.

1990 - Alpha glass and quartzware are introduced
2020 - Alpha introduces first FerroChrome CRM and first Iconel CRM

Latest News

Stevensville, Michigan, October 12, 2021 – Alpha Resources LLC, the largest manufacturer of aftermarket consumables and reference materials, is pleased to announce the following certified reference materials (CRM) have been released in Q3 of 2021. Please click to read more.

Stevensville, Michigan, July 28, 2021 – Alpha Resources LLC has been chosen as the successor for the customers of Crossings, Inc. Crossings, Inc. is an independent manufacturer, processor, and distributor of consumables for CHN/protein analyzers based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Click here to read the full story.