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Saftey Data Sheets

AAD3000Aluminum Capsules 4mm x 3.2mm
AAD3001Aluminum Capsules 5mm x3.5mm
AAD3003Aluminum Capsules 6mm x 4mm
AAD3004Aluminum Capsules 8mm x 5mm
AAD3027Aluminum Capsules
AAD3029Aluminum Capsules
AEB1000Silvered Colbaltous/IC Oxide
AEB1002Cupric Oxide
AEB1002-500Cupric Oixde
AEB1003Cupric Oxide
AEB1004Chromium Oxide, Grnaular
AEB100510% Pt/Carbon
AEB1006Nickelized Carbon
AEB1007Nickel Wool Fine Wire
AEB1008Quartz (Silica) Chips
AEB1009Silver Vanadate Reagent
AEB1010Silver Wool Very Fine
AEB1013Copper Granules
AEB1014Cupric Oxide
AEB1017Quartz (Silica) Wool 5g
AEB1020Molecular Sieve, Activated
AEB1021Molecular Sieve, Activated
AEB1022Copper Sulfate
AEB1023Silver Gauze
AEB1024Nickel Sheet Lining
AEB1025Tungsten Oxide Granular, 25 g
AEB1031Tungstic Anhydride
AEB1033Nickel Oxide/Chromium Oxide
AEB1035Copper Wires
AEB1037Silver Gauze
AEB1045Cotton Wool, Pure
AEB1051Cupric Oxide
AEB2001Alanine OAS
AEB2002Atropine OAS
AEB2003Anthracene OAS
AEB2004Benzoic Acid
AEB2005Cyclohexanone-2, 4-dinitropheny
AEB20084-Bromobenzoic Acid OAS
AEB20094-Chlorobenzoic Acid OAS
AEB2011Dibenzyl disulfide
AEB20154-Nitroaniline OAS
AEB2016Phenacetin OAS
AEB2017Sulphamic Acid OAS
AEB2019Hexachlorobene OAS
AEB20212-Idobenzoic Acid
AEB2030Caffeine Standard OAS
AEB2031Stearic Acid
AEB2035Cystine OAS
AEB2036Sulphanilamide OAS
AEB2037Sulfamethazine OAS
AEB2038UREA, Organic Analytical Standard
AEB2039Diphenyl OAS
AEB2040Imidazole OAS
AEB2041Isatin OAS 1g
AEB2043Sulphanilic Acid OAS
AEB2044Methionine OAS
AEB2147Sulphanilic Acid OAS
AEB3000Molecular Sieve, Activated
AEB3004Molecular Sieve, Activated
AEB3005Molecular Sieve, Activated
AEB4001Vanadium Pentoxide, Fine
AEC1000Quartz Glass Products
AEC1001Quartz Glass Products
AEC1002Quartz Glass Products
AEC1003Quartz Glass Products
AEC1004Quartz Glass Products
AEC1005Quartz Glass Products
AEC1006Quartz Glass Products
AEC1007Quartz Glass Products
AEC1008Glass Products
AEC1010Quartz Glass Products
AEC1012Quartz Glass Products
AEC1013Quartz Glass Products
AEC1018Quartz Glass Products
AEC1019Quartz Glass Products
AEC1021Quartz Glass Products
AEC1022Quartz Glass Products
AEC1023Quartz Glass Products
AEC1024Quartz Glass Products
AEC1025Quartz Glass Products
AEC2000Quartz Glass Products
AEC2013Quartz Glass Products
AEC2014Quartz Glass Products
AEC2015Quartz Glass Products
AEC2015LQuartz Glass Products
AEC2016Quartz Glass Products
AEC2018Quartz Glass Products
AEC2019Quartz Glass Products
AEC2020Quartz Glass Products
AEC2021Quartz Glass Products
AEC2022Quartz Glass Products
AEC6000Quartz Glass Products
AEC6001Quartz Glass Products
AEC6002Quartz Glass Products
AEC6003Quartz Glass Products
AEC6006Quartz Glass Products
AEC6007Quartz Glass Products
AEC6008Quartz Glass Products
AEC8013Quartz Glass Products
AEC8014Quartz Glass Products
AEC8015Quartz Glass Products
AEC8026Quartz Glass Products
AEC9000Quartz Glass Products
AED6000Vial Receptacle Nickel
AED6002Copper Plug, Reduction Tube
AM0001SiC Belt 4x36 50 Grit w/d 10 pack
AM0002SiC Belt 4x36 80 Grit w/d 10 pack
AM0003SiC Belt 4x 36 120 Grit w/d 10 pack
AM0004SiC Belt 4x 36 180 Grit w/d 10 pack
AM0005SiC Belt 4x 36 240 Grit w/d 10 pack
AM0006SiC Belt 4x 36 320 Grit w/d 10 pack
AM0007SiC Belt 4x 36 400 Grit w/d 10 pack
AM0008SiC Belt 4x 36 600 Grit w/d 10 pack
AM0020Alox Belt 4 x 36 60 Grit W/D
AM0021Alox Belt 4 x 36 50 Grit W/D
AM0022Alox Belt 4 x 36 80 Grit W/D
AM0023Alox Belt 4 x 36 120 Grit W/D
AM0024Alox Belt 4 x 36 180 Grit W/D
AM0025Alox Belt 4 x 36 240 Grit W/D
AM0033SiC Disc 8 XNH PSA 800 Grit
AM0034SiC Disc 8 XNH PSA 1200 Grit
AM00358" Nh SiC 800 Grit 100 Count
AM00368" Nh SiC 1200 Grit 100 Count
AM0085SiC Abrasive Roll 3" x 75' 60 Grit
AM0086SiC Abrasive Roll 3" x 75' 120 Grit
AM0087SiC Abrasive Roll 3" x 75' 180 Grit
AM0088SiC Abrasive Roll 3" x 75' 240 Grit
AM0089SiC Abrasive Roll 3" x 75' 320 Grit
AM0090SiC Abrasive Roll 3" x 75' 400 Grit
AM0091SiC Abrasive Roll 3" x 75' 600 Grit
AM0160SiC 180 Grit Strip 100/pack PSA
AM0161SiC 240 Grit Strip 100/pack PSA
AM0162SiC 320 Grit Strip 100/pack PSA
AM0163SiC 400 Grit Strip 100/pack PSA
AM0164SiC 600 Grit Strip 100/pack PSA
AM0165SiC 180 Grit Strip 100/pack PSA
AM0166SiC 240 Grit Strip 100/pack PSA
AM0167SiC 320 Grit Strip 100/pack PSA
AM0168SiC 400 Grit Strip 100/pack PSA
AM0169SiC 600 Grit Strip 100/pack PSA
AM0215SiC Disc 12 x 0.5 600 Grit
AM0217SiC Disc PB 8" x NH 60 Grit
AM02188" x NH Sic 80 Grit 100 Count
AM02198" x NH Sic 120 Grit 100 Count
AM02218" x NH Sic 180 Grit 100 Count
AM02238" x NH Sic 240 Grit 100 Count
AM02258" x NH Sic 320 Grit 100 Count
AM0227Sic 8 x NH PB 400 Grit
AM02298" x NH Sic 600 Grit 100 Count
AM02318x.5" Sic 60 Grit 100 Count
AM02328x.5" Sic 80 Grit 100 Count
AM02338x.5" Sic 120 Grit 100 Count
AM0235Sic Disc 8x.5 PB 180 Grit
AM0237Sic Disc 8x.5 PB 240 Grit
AM0239Sic Disc 8x.5 PB 320 Grit
AM0241Sic Disc 8x.5 PB 400 Grit
AM0242Sic Disc 8x.5 PB 800 Grit
AM0243Sic Disc 8x.5 PB 600 Grit
AM0244Sic Disc 8x.5 PB 1200 Grit
AM0245Sic Disc 12 x NH PSA 60 Grit
AM0247Sic Disc 12 x NH PSA 120 Grit
AM0249Sic Disc 12 x NH PSA 180 Grit
AM0251Sic Disc 12 x NH PSA 240 Grit
AM0253Sic Disc 12 x NH PSA 320 Grit
AM0255Sic Disc 12 x NH PSA 400 Grit
AM0256Sic Disc 12 x NH PSA 600 Grit
AM0257Sic Disc 8 x NH PSA 60 Grit
AM0258Sic Disc 8 x NH PSA 80 Grit
AM0259Sic Disc 8 x NH PSA 120 Grit
AM0261Sic Disc 8 x NH PSA 180 Grit
AM0263Sic Disc 8 x NH PSA 240 Grit
AM0265Sic Disc 8 x NH PSA 320 Grit
AM0267Sic Disc 8 x NH PSA 400 Grit
AM0269Sic Disc 8 x NH PSA 600 Grit
AM0270Sic Disc 8 x 2.5 PSA 60 Grit
AM0271Sic Disc 8 x 2.5 PSA 120 Grit
AM0273Sic Disc 8 x 2.5 PSA 180 Grit
AM0275Sic Disc 8 x 2.5 PSA 240 Grit
AM0277Sic Disc 8 x 2.5 PSA 320 Grit
AM0279Sic Disc 8 x 2.5 PSA 400 Grit
AM0281Sic Disc 8 x 2.5 PSA 600 Grit
AM0283Sic Disc 8 x 2.5 PSA 800 Grit
AM0284Sic Disc 8 x 2.5 PSA 1200 Grit
AM0299Sic Disc 12 x NH PB 1200 Grit
AM0300Sic Disc 2 7/8" PSA 180 Grit
AM0301Sic Disc 2 7/8" PSA 240 Grit
AM0302Sic Disc 2 7/8" PSA 320 Grit
AM0303Sic Disc 2 7/8" PSA 400 Grit
AM0304Sic Disc 2 7/8" PSA 600 Grit
AM0309Wheel 9 x 1.25 R AL203
AM0311Wheel 12 x 1.25 R/R AL203
AM031614" PAN W PSA 10 pack
AM032714" Alpha Cloth PSA 10 pack
AM0333Nylon 14" PSA 10 pack
AM032814" Red Felt PSA 10 pack
AM03418" x NH PSA Zir Al 60 Grit
AM0341PB8" NH PB Zir AL 60 Grit
AM03428" x NH PSA Zir Al 120 Grit

Zirconia Oxide (Belts, Discs)

AM03438" x NH PSA Zir Al 180 Grit

Zirconia Oxide (Belts, Discs)

AM03448" x NH PSA Zir Al 220 Grit

Zirconia Oxide (Belts, Discs)

AM035712" x NH PSA Zir Al 60 Grit
AM035812" x NH PSA Zir Al 120 Grit
AM03968" Diamond Grinding Disc PSA
AM03978" Diamond Grinding Disc PSA
AM03988" Diamond Grinding Disc PSA
AM03998" Diamond Grinding Disc PSA
AM04018" Diamond Grinding Disc PSA
AM04028" Diamond Grinding Disc Plain
AM04038" Diamond Grinding Disc Plain
AM04048" Diamond Grinding Disc Plain
AM04058" Diamond Grinding Disc Plain
AM04068" Diamond Grinding Disc Plain
AM042414" x NH PSA Sic 60 Grit
AM042514" x NH PSA Sic 120 Grit
AM042614" x NH PSA Sic 180 Grit
AM042714" x NH PSA Sic 240 Grit
AM042814" x NH PSA Sic 320 Grit
AM042914" x NH PSA Sic 400 Grit
AM043014" x NH PSA Sic 600 Grit
AM0436Alox Belt 4 x 36 50 Grit Dry Only
AM0437Alox Belt 4 x 36 80 Grit Dry Only
AM0438Dry Belt A 4 x 36 10 Alo 120 Grit
AM04458" Imperical Cloth PSA 10 pack
AM044612" Imperial Cloth PSA 10 pack
AM044714" Imperial Cloth PSA 10 pack
AM0451Nylon 12" PSA 10 pack
AM0452Nylon  12" x 2.5" PSA 10 p ack
AM0463Nylon 8" PSA 10 pack
AM0464Nylon 8" x 2.5" PSA 10 pack
AM04828" Pedro Film w PSA 10 pack
AM0485Metal Sample Clips
AM04958.5" Pan w PSA 10 pack
AM04966.5" Alpha Cloth PSA 10 pack
AM04978" Alpha Lap PAS 10 pack
AM0500Diamond Spray 0.25µ 4 oz
AM0501Diamond Spray 0.50µ 4 oz
AM0502Diamond Spray 1µ 4 oz
AM0503Diamond Spray 3µ 4 oz
AM0504Diamond Spray 6µ 4 oz
AM0505Diamond Spray 9µ 4 oz
AM0506Diamond Spray 15µ 4 oz
AM0507Diamond Spray 30µ 4 oz
AM0508Diamond Spray 45µ 4 oz
AM051912" Canvas PSA 10 pack
AM052912" Pedrom Film w PSA 10 pack
AM05388 x 2.5" Alpha Cloth PSA 10 pack
AM054012" Alpha Lap PSA 10 pack
AM054112 x 2.5" Alpha Cloth PSA 10 pack
AM054212 x 2.5" Pan w PSA 10 pack
AM0544Zir Al Belt 4 x 36 50 Grit
AM0545Zir Al belt 4 x 36 60 Grit w/d
AM0546Zir Al Belt 4 x 36 120 Grit
AM0547Zir Al Belt 4 x 36 180 Grit
AM0548Zir Al Belt 4 x 36 220 Grit
AM05548" Kitten's Ear PSA 10 pack
AM064412" Red Felt PSA 10 pack
AM06478" Red Felt PSA 10 pack
AM06488 x 2.5" Red Felt PSA 10 pack
AM06650.05 µ Gamma Alumina Suspension
AM0707Aluminum Oxide Powder AL203 5 micron
AM0727Lev Alumina 5m 1lb
AM07780.05 µ Gamma B Aluminum Oxide
AM07790.05 µ Gamma B Aluminum Oxide
AM07820.3 µ Alpha A Aluminum Oxide 1
AM07830.3 µ Alpha A Aluminum Oxide 5
AM07861 µ Alpha C Aluminum Oxide 1 lb
AM07871 µ Alpha C Aluminum Oxide 5 lb
AM08181 µ Alumina Suspension 1 Gallon
AM08255 µ Alumina Suspension 6 oz
AM0825G5 µ Alumina Suspension 1 Gallon
AM08260.05 µ Gamma Alumina Suspension
AM08270.3 µ Alumina Suspension 6 oz
AM08321 µ Alumina Suspension 6 oz
AM08330.1 µ Alumina Suspension 6 oz
AM08340.3 µ Alumina Suspension 1 Gallon
AM0858Sic Disc 12 x NH PSA 800 Grit
AM0859Sic Disc 12 x NH PSA 1200 Grit
AM08650.25 µ Diamond Compound 5 Grams
AM08660.25 µ Diamond Compound 20 Grams
AM08670.625 µ Diamond Compound 5 Grams
AM08680.625 µ Diamond Compound 20 Grams
AM087510 µ Diamond Compound 5 Grams
AM087610 µ Diamond Compound 20 Grams
AM087715 µ Diamond Compound 5 Grams
AM087815 µ Diamond Compound 18 Grams
AM088514" x NH PSA SiC 800 Grit
AM088614 x  ND PSA SiC 1200 Grit
AM08871.25 µ Diamond Compound 5 Grams
AM08881.25 µ Diamond Compound 20 Grams
AM08893 µ Diamond Compound 5 Grams
AM08903 µ Diamond Compound 20 Grams
AM08916 µ Diamond Compound 5 Grams
AM08926 µ Diamond Compound 20 Grams
AM089310 µ Diamond Compound 5 Grams
AM089410 µ Diamond Compound 20 Grams
AM089515 µ Diamond Compound 5 Grams
AM089615 µ Diamond Compound 20 Grams
AM089730 µ Diamond Compound 5 Grams
AM089830 µ Diamond Compound 20 Grams
AM089945 µ Diamond Compound 5 Grams
AM09061.25 µ Diamond Compound 5 Grams
AM09071.25 µ Diamond Compound 20 Grams
AM09083 µ Diamond Compound 5 Grams
AM09093 µ Diamond Compound
AM09106 µ Diamond Compound 5 Grams
AM09116 µ Diamond Compound 20 Grams
AM091630 µ Diamond Compound 5 Grams
AM091730 µ Diamond Compound 20 Grams
AM091845 µ Diamond Compound 5 Grams
AM091945 µ Diamond Compound 20 Grams
AM1002Water Soluble Thinner
AM1003Water Soluble Thinner
AM1004Water Soluble Thinner
AM1006O/S Thinner
AM1007O/S Thinner
AM1008O/S Thinner
AM10101µ Diamond Slurry 400 Grams
AM10123µ Diamond Slurry 400 Grams
AM10146µ Diamond Slurry 400 Grams
AM101610µ Diamond Slurry 400 Grams
AM101815µ Diamond Slurry 400 Grams
AM102030µ Diamond Slurry 400 Grams
AM1021Master Aqueous Polish
AM1022Master Aqueous Polish
AM1022SMaster Aqueous Polish
AM1023Cutting Fluid for Diamond Saws
AM1024Cutting Fluid for Diamond Saws
AM1035Wheel 9 x 1.25 AL203 10 Pack
AM1036Wheel 9 x 1.25 AL203
AM1037Wheel 9 x 1.25 AL203 10 Pack
AM1049Wheel 9 x 1.25 AL203
AM1050Wheel 10 x 1.25 Sic 10 Pack
AM1051Wheel 10 x 1.25 AL203 10 Pack
AM1052Wheel 9 x 1.25 SiC 10 Pack
AM1053Wheel 9 x 1.25 SiC 10 Pack
AM1059Wheel 10 x 1.25 AL203 10 Pack
AM1061Wheel 10 x 1.25 AL203 10 Pack
AM1065Wheel 12 x 1.25 Al203 10 Pack
AM1067Wheel 10 x 1.25 AL203 10 Pack
AM1080Wheel 12 x 1.25 AL203 10 Pack
AM1081Wheel 12 x 1.25 AL203 10 Pack
AM1083Wheel 12 x 1.25 AL203 10 Pack
AM1089Wheel 12 x 1.25 AL203 10 Pack
AM1095Wheel 12 x 1.25 AL203 10 Pack


Coolant Concentrate (1 Quart)
AM1107Coolant Concentrate (1 Gallon)
AM1108Nitrite Free Coolant (1 Quart)
AM1109Nitrite Free Coolant Concentrate
AM1110Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution
AM1111Black Phenolic (5 Pounds)
AM1118Red Phenolic (5 Pounds)
AM1123Green Phenolic (5 Pounds)
AM1133Transparent Lucite (5 Pounds)
AM1135Blue Diallyl Phthalate
AM1136Wheel 5" x 0.014" x 1/2"
AM1137Wheel 4: x 0.012" x 1/2"
AM1138Wheel 3" x 0.006" x 1/2"
AM1142Blue Diallyl Phthalate
AM11464" AL203 Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel
AM1162Epoxy Kit HMA HMG
AM1163Epoxy Resin 1 Quart
AM1164Epoxy Resin 1 Gallon
AM1165Epoxy Hardener 8 oz HMA HMG
AM1166Epoxy Hardener HMA HMG
AM1167Fast Set Epoxy Resin 1 Quart
AM1168Fast Set Epoxy Hardener HMA HMG
AM1169Fast Set Epoxy Resin 1 Gallon
AM1170Fast Set Epoxy Hardener 1Quart
AM1201Koldmount Liquid (Kit)
AM1201Koldmount Powder (Kit)
AM1202Koldmount Powder
AM1203Koldmount Liquid
AM1204Koldmount Liquid (Kit)
AM1204Koldmount Powder (Kit)
AM1205Koldmount Liquid
AM1206Koldmount Powder
AM1271Silicone Mold Release 16 oz
AM1300Black 1" Preforms 20 Count
AM1301Black 1" Preforms 100 Count
AM1302Black 1" Preforms 500 Count
AM1303Black 1" Preforms 1000 Count
AM1304Black 1 1/4" Preforms 20 Count
AM1305Black 1 1/4" Preforms 100 Count
AM1306Black 1 1/4" Preforms 500 Count
AM1307Black 1 1/4" Preforms 1000 Count
AM1308Black 1 1/2" Preforms 20 Count
AM1309Black 1 1/2" Preforms 100 Count
AM1310Black 1 1/2" Preforms 500 Count
AM1311Black 1 1/2" Preforms 1000 Count
AM1312Red 1" Preforms 20 Count
AM1313Red 1" Preforms 100 Count
AM1314Red 1" Preforms 500 Count
AM1315Red 1" Preforms 1000 Count
AM1316Red 1 1/4" Preforms 20 Count
AM1317Red 1 1/4" Preforms 100 Count
AM1318Red 1 1/4" Preforms 500 Count
AM1319Red 1 1/4" Preforms 1000 Count
AM1320Red 1 1/2" Preforms 20 Count
AM1321Red 1 1/2" Preforms 100 Count
AM1322Red 1 1/2" Preforms 500 Count
AM1323Red 1 1/2" Preforms 1000 Count
AM1324Green 1" Preforms 20 Count
AM1325Green 1" Preforms 100 Count
AM1326Green 1" Preforms 500 Count
AM1327Green 1" Preforms 1000 Count
AM1328Green 1 1/4" Preforms 20 Count
AM1329Green 1 1/4" Preforms 100 Count
AM1330Green 1 1/4" Preforms 500 Count
AM1331Green 1 1/4" Preforms 1000 Count
AM1332Green 1 1/2" Preforms 20 Count
AM1333Green 1 1/2" Preforms 100 Count
AM1334Green 1 1/2" Preforms 500 Count
AM1335Green 1 1/2" Preforms 1000 Count
AM1724Dressing Stick for Diamond Saw
AM2033Abrasive Discs AL203 8 x NH
AM2034Alox 8 x NH 60 Grit PSA Back
AM2035Aluminum Oxide Disc
AM2077Alox 12 x NH 320 Grit PSA
AM208014" x NH PSA Zir Al 60 Grit
AM208114" x NH PSA Zir Al 120 Grit
AM2082Alox Disc 12 x NH PSA 60 Grit
AM2083Alox Disc 12 x NH PSA 120 Grit
AM2084Alox Disc 12 x NH PSA 180 Grit
AM2085Alox Disc 14 x NH PSA 60 Grit
AM2086Alox Disc 14 x NH PSA 120 Grit
AM2087Alox Disc 14 x NH PSA 180 Grit
AM2090Sic Disc 10 x NH PSA 60 Grit
AM2091Sic Disc 10 x NH PSA 120 Grit
AM2092Sic Disc 10 x NH PSA 180 Grit
AM2093Sic Disc 10 x NH PSA 240 Grit
AM2094Sic Disc 10 x NH PSA 320 Grit
AM2095Sic Disc 10 x NH PSA 400 Grit
AM2096Sic Disc 10 x NH PSA 600 Grit
AM2097Sic Disc 10 x NH PSA Back 80
AM2098Sic Disc 10 x NH PSA Back 12
AM2099Sic Disc 10 x NH 80 Grit
AM2100Sic 12 x NH PB 60 Grit
AM2101Sic 12 x NH PB 80 Grit 100/Box
AM2102Sic 12 x NH PB 120 Grit
AM2103Sic 12 x NH PB 180 Grit
AM2104Sic 12 x NH PB 240 Grit
AM2105Sic 12 x NH PB 320 Grit
AM2106Sic 12 x NH PB 400 Grit
AM2107Sic 12 x NH PB 600 Grit
AM2108Sic 12 x NH PB 800 Grit
AM2109Sic Disc 12 x NH Plain Back
AM2120Sic Discs 10 x NH Plain Back
AM2121Sic Discs 10 x NH Plain Back
AM2122Silicon Carbide 120 Grit
AM2123Sic Discs 10 x NH Plain Back
AM2124Sic Discs 10 x NH Plain Back 2
AM2125Sic Discs 10 x NH Plain Back
AM2126Sic Disc 10 x NH PB 400 Grit
AM2127Sic Disc 10 x NH PB 600 Grit
AM2128Sic Discs 10 x NH Plain Back
AM2129Sic Discs 10 x NH Plain Back
AM2150SiC Disc 12 x 1/2 Hole, PB 60 Grit
AND3500Ni Capsule 12.5 x 5 mm Pressed
AP668Benzoic Acid
AP845Ignition Thread, Roll
APS1065Base Mineral Oil 500mL
APS1075Trace Metals In Drinking Water
APS-100014-1Single Element Copper
APS-100026-1Single Element Iron
APS-100028-1Single Element Lead
APS-100036-1Single Element Nickel
APS-100052-1Single Element Sodium
APS-100065-1Single Element Vanadium
AR000Parafin Oil C,H,N, BTU
AR00086Alumina Wool Fiine, 20g
AR004Quartz Glass Products
AR004SQuartz Glass Products
AR006Induction Coil
AR007Glass Products
AR008Alphacel II Tungsten 5 Pound
AR008BAlphacel II Tungsten 30 Pound
AR00814Aluminum Capsules, Smooth Wall, 7 x 3.2mm
AR00815Aluminum Capsules, Smooth Wall, 9 x 3.5mm
AR00816Silver Capsules, Smooth Wall
AR010Glass Products
AR01007Quartz Glass Products
AR01008Corundum Balls 4g per Bottle
AR01800-200Aluminum OxideSingle Element Nickel
AR01009Tin Boats
AR01011L-Aspartic Acid 98%+ OAS 10
AR01020Combustion Tube Stainless Steel
AR01021Ceramic Tybe, Pyrocube
AR01029Copper Oxide
AR01029BCopper Oxide 5kg
AR01030Combustion Tube Variomax
AR01032U Tube 195 mm Length
AR01039Copper Oxide
AR01040Post Combustion Tube Stainless Steel
AR01046Replaced by AR049
AR01048Post Combustion Tube
AR01067Glutamic Acid 100 Grams
AR011Glass Products
AR01160Purge Solonoid Valve
AR011BGlass Products
AR012Glass Products
AR01371Silver Weighing Boats
AR014Glass Products
AR016Glass Products
AR01715Cotton Wool 50g
AR018Glass Products
AR019Glass Products
AR020Quartz Glass Products
AR021Glass Products
AR022Cleaning Brush
AR022BCleaning Brush 90/Bend
AR025Quartz Glass Products
AR02510Quartz Glass Products
AR02530Tungsten Metal 470g
AR02530ATungsten Metal 470g
AR02530BTungsten Metal 30 lbs
AR02530CTungsten Metal 30 lbs
AR026Crucible for FP428 and CHN-60
AR027Alphacel III -20+40 Mesh 5 Pounds
AR027BAlphacel III (20-40 Mesh) 30 Pounds
AR028Alpha Crucible Plate 1"H x 7" L
AR029Glass Products
AR030Glass Products
AR030MGlass Products
AR031Induction Coil L Type
AR032Glass Products
AR033Glass Products
AR034Graphite Crucible Box of 100
AR034PGraphite Crucible Pk/200
AR040Cover 4mm Hole 1000/box
AR040PCover 4mm Hole 250/pack
AR042Porous Cover 1000/box
AR042PPorous Cover
AR043Cover w/ 10 mm Hole Box of 100
AR043SCover w/ 10 mm Hole 250/Pk
AR047Glass Products
AR049N Catalyst 50 Gram Bottle
AR049KN Catalyst, 1 kg
AR051Glass Products
AR053Replaced by AR053HD
AR053HDGraphite Crucibles 1000/pack
AR053PGraphite Crucible Bag of 250
AR056Quartz Glass Products
AR057Quartz Glass Products
AR059Tin Capsules 100/Bottle
AR059FTin Capsules Flat Bottom 100 P
AR060Manganese Dioxide
AR062Manganese Dioxide
AR064Quartz Glass Products
AR065Glass Products
AR066Glass Products
AR0708Coal Standard
AR073Graphite Powder 100 g
AR076Tin Metal 20 Mesh 2# Bottle
AR077Iron Chip Accelerator 908 g
AR078Iron Powder 1 Pound Container
AR079GAlphanal (1 Gallon)
AR079PAlphanal (q Pint)
AR081Glass Wool 1 Pound Container
AR083Glass Products
AR085Quartz Wool 12+ µ Coarse Wad
AR091Calcium Oxalate 50 g
AR09090Glass Products
AR093Quartz Glass Products
AR094Quartz Glass Products
AR098Cellulose Trap Material
AR100Residual Oil C,H,N,BTU
AR10032Tin Foil Squares 37x37mm
AR106Glass Products
AR1061Arrowroot Starch 227g
AR1034Calcium Carbonate Standard
AR1034-100Calcium Carbonate Standard 100g
AR1038Pin Tube Holder
AR1038SPin Tube Holder
AR1065Glass Products
AR10874Ash Finger Stainless Steel
AR11062Glass Products
AR11064Glass Products
AR11364Ash Finger
AR1150-4Quartz Glass Products
AR116Glass Products
AR117Quartz Glass Products
AR1171Alphadri TM
AR1172-4Quartz Glass Products
AR118Quartz Glass Products
AR181Glass Products
AR182Glass Products
AR182-100Glass Products
AR183Glass Products
AR1189Copper Sticks 100 g Ampoule
AR119Quartz Glass Products
AR120Quartz Glass Products
AR1201Quartz Glass Products
AR1202Quartz Glass Products
AR1205Pipette Brush
AR121Quartz Glass Products
AR121SQuartz Glass Products
AR122Quartz Glass Products
AR123Pedestal Insert
AR125Quartz Glass Products
AR129Induction Coil
AR132Quartz Glass Products
AR133Glass Products
AR138Straight Self Closing Tweezers
AR1331Quartz Glass Products
AR1335Quartz Glass Products
AR1352Lace Tube 225mm
AR1367Quartz Glass Products
AR1367SQuartz Glass Products
AR140007Copper Stick for Dumaththermm/Costech 475g
AR140011HT Catalyst
AR140014LT Catalyst
AR140018Quartz Reaction Tube
AR14045Eltra Cleaning Brush
AR14130Quartz Glass Products
AR14161Eltra Lower Knurled Nut
AR14165Eltra Upper Knurled Nut
AR1437Quartz Glass Products
AR144Magnesium Oxide 1 Pound
AR147 Copper Pin Standard Low Oxygen
AR148Copper Pin Standard High Oxygen
AR149Copper Pin Standard High Oxygen
AR150Residual Oil CHN, BTU 118 mL
AR1506Quartz Glass Products
AR1554Outer Combustion Tube
AR1555Inner Combustion Tube
AR157Glass Products
AR158Glass Products
AR1608Quartz Wool
AR1614Rubber Grip Spatula
AR1615Stainless Steel Spatula
AR1616Spatula Scoopula
AR1617Stainless Steel Strong Tip Tweezers
AR1618Stainless Steel Curbed Point Tweezers
AR1619Stainless Steel Straight Tip Tweezers
AR1621Heat Resistant Handle Tweezers
Residual Oil Ultimate
AR163Brass Brush
AR1647O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=3
AR1648O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=1
AR1649Discontinued/No Longer Offered
AR1650Material Out of Stock, Discontinued
AR1651O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=8
AR1652O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=3
AR1653O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=8
AR1655O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=2
AR1656O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=0.0238
AR168Alphasolve 20-40 Mesh 250 g
AR1681Ultra Low Sulfur Coal Standard 0.00%
AR1682Ultra Low Sulfur Coal Standard 0.030%
AR1683Ultra Low Sulfur Coal Standard 0.052%
AR1684Ultra Low Sulfur Coal Standard 0.098%
AR1685Ultra Low Sulfur Coal Standard 0.127%
AR1699Particle Filter
AR169Alphasolve 8-20 Mesh 250 g
AR170Rare Earth Copper Oxide 50 g
AR170BRare Earth Copper Oxide 250 g
AR170-5KRare Earth Copper Oxide 5 kg
AR17000.28% Sulfur Coal Standard
AR17010.50% Sulfur Coal Standard
AR17020.65% Sulfur Coal Standard
AR17030.84% Sulfur Coal Standard
AR17041.06% Sulfur Coal Standard
AR17051.51% Sulfur in Coal
AR17062.37% Sulfur Coal Standard
AR17072.49% Sulfur Coal Standard
AR17082.8% Sulfur in Coal Standard
AR17093.48% Sulfur Coal Standard
AR170BRare Earth Copper Oxide
AR171Magnesium Percholate 454 g
AR17104.84% Sulfur in Coal Standard
AR17115.75% Sulfur in Coal Standard
AR17126.67% Sulfur in Coal Standard
AR1713Coal Standard - Lignite
AR1714Coal Standard
AR1715Coal Standard
AR1720Prox Coal Standard 50 g Bottle
AR1721Prox Coal Standard 50 g Bottle
AR1722Prox Coal Standard 50 g Bottle
AR1723Prox Coal Standard 50 g Bottle
AR1724Prox Coal Standard 50 g Bottle
AR1726Prox Coal Standard 50 g Bottle
AR1727Prox Coal Standard 50 g Bottle
AR1728Prox Coal Standard 50 g Bottle
AR1729Prox Coal Standard 50 g Bottle
AR173Alphacel II HP 750 g Bottle
AR1730Prox Coal Standard 50 g Bottle
AR1731Prox Coal Standard 50 g Bottle
AR1732Prox Coal Standard 50 g Bottle
AR1733Prox Coal Standard 50 g Bottle
AR177Quartz Wool Fine 4-12 Micron
AR179Quartz Glass Products
AR1790CBenzoic Acid
AR180Quartz Glass Products
AR181Glass Products
AR181PGlass Products
AR182Glass Products
AR182PGlass Products
AR183Glass Products
AR183CGlass Products
AR183MGlass Products
AR183VGlass Products
AR1830Lube/Paraffin Oil




Lube/Paraffin Oil
AR1832Lube/Paraffin Oil
AR1833Lube/Paraffin Oil
AR1834Lube/Paraffin Oil
AR1835Gold Line Series Lube 0.75%
AR1836Lube/Paraffin Oil
AR1837Lube/Paraffin Oil
AR18383.0000% Sulfur Lube Oil
AR1839Gold Line Series Lube 4%
AR184Copper Ring
AR185CGlass Products
AR189Copper Sticks 100 g Ampoule
AR190Glass Products
AR1905C,H,N Standard Coal
AR1906C,H,N Standard Coal 25 g
AR1907C,H,N Standard Coal
AR1908C,H,N Standard Coal
AR19100.0511% Chlorine Coal Standard
AR19110.1481% Chlorine Coal Standard
AR19120.24% Chlorine Coal Standard
AR1933Prox Coal Standard - Lignite
AR1951Nickel Calibration Wire
AR1963Tin Capsules 4mm x 3.5mm
AR1969Brass Brush
AR1970Slotted Stainless Steel Cleaning Brush
AR200Pin Cutter Wheel 7" Diameter
AR200010Graphite Crucible
AR200020Graphite Crucible
AR20017Tungsten Oxide Fine Powder
AR20024Tungsten Oxide Power 90 g
AR2003Chlorine/Paraffin Oil
AR20049 PPM Chlorine in Paraffin Oil
AR20040Quartz Glass Products
AR2005120 PPM Chlorine in Paraffin Oil
AR2006510 PPM Chlorine in Paraffin Oil
AR20071220 PPM Chlorine in Paraffin Oil
AR20082000 PPM Chlorine in Paraffin Oil
AR20093360 PPM Chlorine in Paraffin Oil
AR20105605 PPM Chlorine in Paraffin Oil
AR20111.17% Chlorine in Paraffin Oil
AR20122.31% Chlorine in Paraffin Oil
AR20133.15% Chlorine in Paraffin Oil
AR20144.01% Chlorine in Paraffin Oil
AR20155.00% Chlorine in Paraffin Oil
AR2016Soy Bean Mean
AR2017Corn Gluten
AR2019Wheat Flour
AR2020Rye Flour
AR2021Sucrose Standard
AR2022Soy Bean Protein
AR2025Corn meal
AR2026Oat Meal
AR2027Barley Flour
AR2028Rice Flour
AR2029Graphite High Purity
AR2030EDTA 500 g
AR2038Quartz Glass Products
AR2041Crude Oil .0.5 WT%S
AR2042Crude Oil 0.10 WT%S 118 mL
AR2043Crude Oil 0.20 WT%S 118 mL
AR2044Crude Oil 0.40 WT%S 118 mL
AR2045Crude Oil 0.60 WT%S 118 mL
AR2046Crude Oil 0.08 WT%S 118 mL
AR2047Crude Oil 1.00WT%S 118 mL
AR2048Crude Oil 2.00 WT%S 118 mL
AR2049Crude Oil 3.00 WT%S 118 mL
AR2049Crude Oil 3.00 WT%S 118 mL - KUWAIT
AR205Firing Wire 300 Determinators
AR205-100Firing wire 100g Spools
AR205-1KGFiring Wire 1kg
AR2050Crude Oil 4.00 WT%S 118 mL
AR2051Crude Oil 5.00 WT%S 118 mL
AR2059Nickel Boat Liners Pk of 10 L
AR2060Lead in Gasoline Set-7 BTL
AR2061Lead in Gasoline .2000%
AR2062Lead in Gasoline .1250%
AR2063Lead in Gasoline .0750%
AR2064Lead in Gasoline .05000%
AR2065Lead in Gasoline .0250%
AR2066Lead in Gasoline .0100%
Lead in Gasoline .0000%
AR2068Zero PPM Sulfur in Gasoline Standard
AR2068PNo Sulfur in Gasoline Standard 1 Pint
AR2070Wyoming Crude 500 mL
AR2070SWyoming Crude 100 mL
AR2071North Sea Sweet Crude 500 mL
AR2071SNorth Sea Sweet Crude 100mL
AR2072Alaska Crude 500 mL
AR2072SAlaska Crude 100mL
AR2074Kerosene Ultimate 500 mL
AR2075#2 Diesel Fuel 500 mL - KUWAIT
AR2075#2 Diesel Fuel 500 mL
#1 Diesel Ultimate
AR2077Vacuum Gas Oil
AR2078Vacuum Gas Oil 500 mL
AR208Benzoic Acid
AR208CBenzoic Acid
AR208VBenzoic Acid
AR209CBenzoic Acid
AR2091Bromine in Isooctane Standard 100mL
AR2092EDTA 50 g Bottle
AR2092-250EDTA 250g bottle
AR2093Bromine in Isooctane Standard 118mL
AR2094Bromine in Isooctane Standard 118mL
AR2095Bromine in Isooctane Standard 118mL
AR211Glycine 99%
AR2122Firing Fuse Wire 2" long
AR21120Quartz Glass Products
AR213Graphite Crucible RH-1E 1000
AR213PGraphite Crucible RH-1E 100 P
AR2134Benzoic Acid
AR2134CBenzoic Acid
AR2134VBenzoic Acid
AR2156Fluor Hibit
AR2166Tin Capsules 6 mm Bottle of 100
AR2167Tin Capsules Large 8 mm
AR2174Alphasolve II 20-30 Mesh 500 g
AR2176Alphasolve II 8-20 Mesh 500 g
AR2181Tungsten Trioxide
AR2183Nickel Capsule 6.5 x 10 mm
AR2186Tin Foil Cups FP428 100 per package
AR2186-200Tin Foil Cups FP428 200 per package
AR2187Tin Capsule 3.5 mm x 9 mm
AR2188Aluminum Oxide Pellets
AR2189Tube Cleaner 8 mm x 4 ft FP42
AR2190Nickel Foil Cups 100/pk
AR2209Sulfamethazine 5g
AR2213Leak Detection Solution
AR2216-4Glass Products
AR22365Silver Wool 0.5mm Fine Wire
AR2253-4Quartz Glass Products
AR2266Firing Fuse Wire, 60inch
AR2301Tungsten Oxide 125 g
AR2301PTungsten Oxide 454g
AR2304Copper Sticks Ampoule Stored
AR2304-350Copper Sticks, Resealable bottle, 350g
AR2304-500Copper Sticks, Resealable bottle, 350g
AR2310Steel Wool Filtering Material
AR2311Calcium Tungstate Furnace Reagent
AR234Oxygen Specimen File
AR2343Nickel Boat Liner, for Liquid
AR2344Nickel Baskets, Low Oxygen, 100 per bottle
AR2345Nickel Baskets Low Oxygen 1.5 g 100
AR2359Magnesium Oxide
AR2402Lance Tube Assembly
AR2402QQuartz Glass Products
AR241Vacuum Grease
AR242Alphacel Tin Pellets 1 Pound
AR2428Quartz Glass Products
AR2523Lube/Paraffin Oil
AR263Copper Accelerator, 3 lb per bottle
AR265Glass Wool Half Pound
AR266Alphacel Tungsten -12+20
AR266BAlphacel Tungsten Bulk 30 Pound
AR266KAlphacel Tungsten 1 kg
AR266SAlphacel Coarse Grain Tungsten Bulk
AR270Pin Cutter Wheel AL203
AR271Stainless Steel Brush Diagonal slot
AR2712Calcined Pet Coke Standard
AR27130.05% Sulfur Green Pet. Coke
AR27140.906% Sulfur Green Pet. Coke
AR27151.20% Sulfur Green Pet. Coke
AR27162.74% Green Pet. Coke
AR27172.21% Sulfur Green Pet. Coke
AR27192.64% Sulfur Calcined Pet. Coke
AR27204.32% Sulfur Green Pet. Coke
AR27204.32% Sulfur Green Pet. Coke - KUWAIT
AR27215.56% Sulfur Green Pet. Coke
AR27222.80% Sulfur Calcined Pet. Coke
AR27235.16% Sulfur Green Pet. Coke
AR2751Mineral Analysis Standard
AR2752AMineral Analysis Standard
AR2753Mineral Analysis Standard
AR2754Mineral Analysis Standard
AR2755Mineral Analysis Standard
AR2756Mineral Analysis Standard
AR2758Mineral Analysis Standard
AR2760Mineral Analysis Standard
AR277Graphite Crucible box of 1000
AR277PGraphite Crucible bag of 200
AR2771Ultimate Coke Standard 50 g
AR2772Ultimate Coke Standard 50 g
AR2773Ultimate Coke Standard 50 g
AR2775Ultimate Coal Standard 50 g
AR2776Ultimate Coal Standard 50 g
AR2778Ultimate Coal Standard 50 g
AR277PGraphite Crucible
AR278Quartz Glass Products
AR2780Ultimate Coal Standard 50 g
AR2781Ultimate Analysis Coal Standard
AR2782Ultimate Coal Standard 50 g
AR2783Ultimate Coal Standard 50 g
AR279Quartz Glass Products
AR2809Residual Fuel Oil .35% S
AR2811Residual Fuel Oil
AR2812Residual Fuel Oil .60% S
AR2813Residual Fuel Oil .80% S
AR2814Residual Fuel Oil 1.00% S
AR2814Residual Fuel Oil 1.00% S - Kuwait
AR2815Residual Fuel Oil 2.00% S
AR2815Residual Fuel Oil 2.00% S - Kuwait
AR2816Residual Fuel Oil 3.00% S
AR2816Residual Fuel Oil 3.00% S - Kuwait
AR2817Residual Fuel Oil 4.00% S
AR2818Residual Fuel Oil 1.50 % S
AR2819Residual Fuel Oil 2.50 % S
AR2821#2 Diesel Oil .15% S
AR2821#2 Diesel Oil .15% S - KUWAIT
AR2822#2 Diesel Oil .30% S
AR2823#2 Diesel Oil Nominal Value
AR2824#2 Diesel Oil .70% S 4 oz
AR2825#2 Diesel Oil 1.00 % S
AR2826#2 Diesel Oil 1.50% S 4 oz
AR2827#2 Diesel Oil 2.00% S 4 oz
AR2828#2 Diesel Oil 2.50% S 4 oz
AR2829#2 Diesel Oil 3.00% S 4 oz
AR283Quartz Glass Products
AR2830Lube Oil Set (9 Bottle)
AR2831Lube Oil .07% S
AR2832Lube Oil .25% S
AR2833Lube Oil .50% S
AR2834Lube Oil .70% S
AR2835Lube Oil 1.00% S
AR2836Lube Oil 2.00% S 4 oz
AR2837Lube Oil 4.00% S
AR2838Lube Oil .01% S
AR2839Lube Oil 3.00% S
AR2841Kerosene .01% S 118 mL
AR2842Kerosene .03% S 118 mL
AR2843Kerosene .05% S 118 mL
AR2844Kerosene .10% S 118 mL
AR2845Kerosene .20% S 118 mL
AR2846Kerosene .30% S 118 mL
AR2847Kerosene .40% S 118 mL
AR2848Kerosene .50% s 118 mL
AR2849Kerosene 0% S 118 mL
AR2857Lube Oil Standard 5%
AR2858High Sulfur Lube Oil
AR2859High Sulfur Residual Oil 5% 4 oz
AR286Quartz Glass Products
AR2860High Sulfur Oil Set
AR2861High Sulfur Residual Oil 6% 4 oz
AR2861High Sulfur Residual Oil 6% 4 oz - Kuwait
AR2862High Sulfur Residual Oil 10% 4 oz
AR2863High Sulfur Residual Oil 20% 4 oz
AR2864Lube Oil 29.67% S
AR2865Ultra Low #2 Diesel Oil 4 oz
AR2866Ultra Low #2 Diesel Oil
AR2867Ultra Low #2 Diesel Oil
AR2868Ultra Low #2 Diesel Oil <1PPM 4 oz
AR2869#2 Diesel 20 PPM
AR2870Ultra Low #2 Diesel Set
AR2871Ultra Low #2 Diesel Oil Nominal Value
AR2872Ultra Low #2 Diesel Oil Nominal Value
AR2873Ultra Low #2 Diesel Oil Nominal Value
AR2874Ultra Low #2 Diesel Oil Nominal Value
AR2875Ultra Low #2 Diesel Oil Nominal Value
AR2876Ultra Low #2 Diesel Oil Nominal Value
AR2877Ultra Low #2 Diesel Oil Nominal Value
AR289Aluminum Oxide Pellets 200g
AR2890Residual Oil Set
AR2891Residual Fuel Oil 0.10% S 4 oz
AR2892Residual Fuel Oil 0.20% S 4 oz
AR2893Residual Fuel Oil 0.30% S 4 oz
AR2894Residual Fuel Oil 0.40% S 4 oz
AR2895Residual Fuel Oil 0.50% S 4 oz
AR2896Residual Fuel Oil 0.70% S 4 oz
AR2897Residual Fuel Oil 0.90% S 4 oz
AR2898Residual Oil Standard
AR28994.5% S in Residual Oil
AR2900Lube Oil Set V,Ni,S
AR2901Lube Oil Set V,Ni,S
AR2902Lube Oil Set V,Ni,S
AR2903Lube Oil Set V,Ni,S
AR2904Lube Oil Set V,Ni,S
AR2905Lube Oil Set V,Ni,S
AR2911Residual Oil Standard
AR2921JP Fuel 0.005% Sulfur 118 mL
AR2922JP Fuel 0.11% Sulfur 118 mL
AR2923JP Fuel 0.20% Sulfur 118 mL
AR2924JP Fuel 0.30% Sulfur 118 mL
AR2925JP Fuel 0.40% Sulfur 118 mL
AR2926JP Fuel 0.50% Sulfur 118 mL
AR2927JP Fuel 0.60% Sulfur 118 mL
AR2928JP Fuel 0.093% Sulfur 118 mL
AR293Small Cleaning Brush
AR2930Lube Oil Complete Set
AR2931Lube Oil 0.02% S
AR2932Lube Oil 0.05% S
AR2933Lube Oil 0.08% S
AR2934Lube Oil 0.10% S
AR2935Lube Oil 0.35% S
AR2936Lube Oil 0.90% S
AR2937Lube Oil 1.50% S
AR2938Lube Oil 2.50% S
AR2939Lube Oil 3.50% S
AR2940Crude Oil Complete Set 19 Bottles
AR2941Crude Oil 0.01% WT % S 118 mL
AR2942Crude Oil 0.02% WT % S 118 mL
AR2943Crude Oil 0.03% WT % S 118 mL
AR2944Crude Oil 0.04% WT % S 118 mL
AR2945Crude Oil 0.06% WT % S 118 mL
AR2946Crude Oil 0.07% WT % S 118 mL
AR2947Crude Oil 0.08% WT % S 118 mL
AR2948Crude Oil 0.09% WT % S 118 mL
AR2950Kerosene Complete 15 Bottle Set
AR2951Kerosene 0.02% S 118 mL
AR2952Kerosene 0.04% S 118 mL
AR2953Kerosene 0.06% S 118 mL
AR2954Kerosene 0.07% S 118 mL
AR2955Kerosene 0.08% S 118 mL
AR2956Kerosene 0.09% S 118 mL
AR2960#2 Diesel Oil Set 14 Bottle Set
AR2961#2 Diesel Oil .20% S
AR2962#2 Diesel Oil .40% S 4 oz
AR2963#2 Diesel Oil .60% S
AR2964#2 Diesel Oil .80% S
AR2965#2 Diesel Oil .90% S
AR298Sulfamethazine Standard 25g
AR299Iron Standard C=1.05 S=.011
AR300Cast Iron Standard C=3.32% S=0
AR3000Gasoline Standard 9 Bottle Set
AR3001Gasoline Standard 1 PPM
AR3001GGasoline Standard 1PPM
AR3002Gasoline Standard 50 PPM
AR3003Gasoline Standard 100 PPM
AR3003Gasoline Standard 100 PPM - KUWAIT
AR3004Gasoline Standard 300 PPM
AR3005Gasoline Standard 500 PPM
AR3006Gasoline Standard 700 PPM
AR3007Gasoline Standard 900 PPM
AR3008Gasoline Standard 1200 PPM
AR3009Gasoline Standard 2000 PPM
AR301Cast Iron C=2.07 S=.010
AR3011Tier III Gasoline Standard
AR3012Tier III Gasoline Standard
AR3013Tier III Gasoline Standard
AR3014Tier III Gasoline Standard
AR3015Tier III Gasoline Standard
AR302Gray Iron C=3.31% S=0.047%
AR3024#1 Diesel Flash Point Standard
AR3025#2 Diesel Flash Point 500 mL
AR3027Kerosene Flash Point Standard
AR3028#1 Diesel Viscosity Standard
AR3029#2 Diesel Viscosity Standard
AR303Nodular Iron C=3.92% S=0.023%
AR3031Kerosene Viscosity Standard 118 mL
AR3032Nitrogen in Crude OIl
AR3033Nitrogen in Crude Oil
AR3034Nitrogen in Crude Oil
AR304Ductile Iron C=4.23% S=0.014%
AR3046Crude Oil API 500mL
AR3046QAPI Gravity in Crude OIl
AR305Malleable iron C=2.75% S=0.0
AR306Nodular Iron C=3.56% S=0.014%
AR3066Ceramic Standoff
AR307Tungsten Carbide
AR309Nodular Iron C=3.71% S=0.021%
AR310Cast Iron C=3.40% S=0.084%
AR3101Sulfur in Isooctane 1PPM 118mL
AR3102Sulfur in Isooctane 5PPM 118mL
AR3103Sulfur in Isooctane 10PPM 118mL
AR3104Sulfur in Isooctane 20PPM 118mL



AR3105 Sulfur in Isooctane 50PPM 118mL
AR3110 Sulfur and Lead in Gas 5 Bottle Set
AR3111 Sulfur and Lead in Gas 118 mL
AR3112 Sulfur and Lead in Gas 118 mL
AR3113 Sulfur and Lead in Gas 118 mL
AR3114 Sulfur and Lead in Gas 118 mL
AR3115 Sulfur and Lead in Gas 118 mL
AR3116 Sulfur Free Isooctane 100mL
AR3117 Sulfur Free Kerosene Standard 118mL
AR3118 #1 Diesel S Free 118 mL
AR3119 #2 Diesel S Free 118 mL
AR3120 Paraffin Oil S Free 118 mL
AR3121 Sulfur Free Gasoline 100mL
AR3135 1 PPM Nitrogen in V.G.O.
AR315 Cast Iron Shot C=3.09% S=0.111
AR3150 Nitrogen in V.G.O. Set
AR3151 1 PPM Nitrogen in V.G.O.
AR3152 5 PPM Nitrogen in V.G.O.
AR3153 10 PPM Nitrogen in V.G.O.
AR3154 25 PPM Nitrogen in V.G.O.
AR3155 50 PPM Nitrogen in V.G.O.
AR3156 100 PPM Nitrogen in V.G.O.
AR3157 400 PPM Nitrogen in V.G.O.
AR3163 Waste Oil Standard
AR317 Glass Products
AR318 Cast Iron Standard C=3.08% S=0.37%
AR3181 High Viscosity Residual Oil 0.30% S
AR3182 High Viscosity Residual Oil 0.90% S
AR319 Cast Iron Standard White Iron
AR321 Alphacat 250 g per Bottle
AR322 Cast Iron Standard C=3.37% S=.046%
AR323 Pig Iron Standard C=3.84% S=.064%
AR327 Kerosene CHN 118 mL
AR330 #2 Diesel CHN 118 mL
AR3301 Brush End
AR3302 Brush End Modified
AR331S Graphite Crucible .625 OD SOL
AR3314 Unfluted Cleaning Brush
AR33212 Silver Weighing Boat
AR33213 Silver Boats
AR333 Glass Products
AR3403 Benzoic Acid
AR3414 Benzoic Acid
AR3414M Benzoic Acid
AR3414V Benzoic Acid
AR342 Quartz Glass Products
AR344 Outer Combustion Tube
AR3500 Sulfur/Chlorine in Lube
AR3501 Sulfur/Chlorine in Lube
AR3502 Sulfur/Chlorine in Lube 5% S
AR3503 Sulfur/Chlorine in Lube
AR3504 Sulfur/Chlorine in Lube 2% S
AR3505 Sulfur/Chlorine in Lube 1% S
AR3506 Sulfur/Chlorine in Lube .5% S
AR3507 Sulfur/Chlorine in Lube
AR351 Halogen Scrubber 50 g
AR3520 Low Sulfur Lube 8 Bottle Set
AR3521 Low Sulfur Lube Oil
AR3522 Low Sulfur Lube Oil
AR3523 Low Sulfur Lube Oil
AR3524 Low Sulfur Lube Oil
AR3525 Low Sulfur Lube Oil
AR3526 Low Sulfur Lube Oil
AR3527 Low Sulfur Lube Oil
AR3528 Low Sulfur Lube Oil
AR355 Quartz Glass Products
AR366 Copper Metal Granular 25 Pound
AR3701 Mercury and Chlorine in Coal
AR3702 Mercury and Chlorine in Coal
AR3703 Mercury and Chlorine in Coal
AR3704 Mercury and Chlorine in Coal
AR3705 Mercury and Chlorine in Coal
AR3706 Alumina Ashing Crucible 10mL
AR3707 Alumina Ashing Crucible 20mL
AR3708 Alumina Ashing Crucible 50mL
AR3710 Alumina Ashing Crucible 100mL
AR373 Glass Products
AR373M Glass Products
AR37418 Tin Weighing Boat 12x4x4mm
AR376 Electrode Tip Insert
AR379 Quartz Glass Products
AR3818 Ceramic Crucible Bagged Box
AR3818B Ceramic Crucible Box of 500
AR3818F Ceramic Crucible Box of 1000
AR3818P Crucibles Bag of 50
AR3818S Ceramic Crucible Grade III Bagged
AR3818BS Ceramic Crucible Grade III Box of 500
AR390 Glass Products
AR3932 Combustion Tube Assembly
AR3938 Quartz Glass Products
AR400 Tin Coated Copper 3 Pound Container
AR401 Quartz Glass Products
AR403 Collection Tube Brush
AR4005 Ore Standard
AR4006 Ore Standard
AR4007 Ore Standard
AR4012 Limestone Standard
AR4013 Limestone Standard
AR4014 Limestone Standard
AR4015 Limestone Standard
AR4016 Soil Standard
AR4017 Soil Standard
AR4018 Soil Standard
AR4019 Soil Standard
AR402 Quartz Glass Products
AR4020 Soil Standard
AR4021 Soil Standard
AR4022 Limestone Standard
AR4023 Limestone Standard
AR4024 Limestone Standard
AR4025 Soil Standard
AR4026 Soil Standard
AR4027 Soil Standard
AR4028 Soil Standard
AR4031 Glass Products
AR4060 Hex Jam Nut
AR4078 1 Gram Weight
AR4101 Small Boat Loop Nickel
AR4113 Large Boat Loop Nickel
AR4114 Mercury Analyzer Boat, Inconel
AR414 Graphite Crucible Box of 100
AR414P Graphite Crucible
AR4181 Inconel Boat, Small
AR4241 Quartz Glass Products
AR426 Combustion Control for Solid, 1 lb
AR427 Combustion Control for Liquid
AR431 Inner Carbon Crucible 1000 per Pack
AR431P Inner Carbon Crucible
AR433 Outer Carbon Crucible 50 per Pack
AR4357 Quartz Glass Products
AR4357S Quartz Glass Products
AR437 Quartz Glass Products
AR437H Quartz Glass Products
AR438 Quartz Glass Products
AR438L Quartz Glass Products
AR441 Quartz Glass Products
AR446 Glass Products
AR449 Glass Products
AR4531 Graphite/Carbon
AR4533 Carbon/Graphite
AR4541 Quartz Glass Products
AR467 Iron Chip 25 Pounds Bulk
AR468 Iron Powder Bulk
AR473 Glass Products
AR482 Honeycomb Support
AR4961 Porous Crucible for Solid Samples
AR4961S Large Crucible, Grade III
AR4962 Quartz Glass Products
AR50088 02 Lance for Elementar Rapid N 140mm
AR502 Benzoic Acid
AR504 Glass Products
AR505 Glass Products
AR506 Glass Products
AR508 Nickel Baskets 1 g Baskets
AR509 Nickel Baskets 1.5 g Baskets
AR510 2.55% C .061% S Pin Standard 0.5g NO
AR5104 Quartz Combustion Tube
AR511 Pin Standard C=0.081% S=0.238%
AR512 Pin Standard C=0.015% S=0.269% 0.5g
AR5125 Quartz Glass Products
AR5168 Quartz Glass Products
AR518 Stainless Steel Brush, Fine Wire, No Slot
AR5201 JP Aviation Fuel 500 mL
AR5202LE Ceramic Pedestal 24.5mm
AR5203HS Ceramic Pedestal 24.5mm
AR529 Ceramic Pedestal 3.05"
AR540 Glass Products
AR541 Glass Products
AR541M Glass Products
AR542 Glass Products
AR5431 Inner Graphite Crucible
AR5433 Outer Carbon Crucible
AR544 Glass Products
AR546 Hydrogen in Steel Pin Standard
AR555 Hydrogen in Steel Pin Standard
AR556 Hydrogen in Steel Pin Standard
AR557 Steel Ball Standard H=3.7 PPM
AR558 Hydrogen in Steel Pin Standard
AR5501 Crucible Inconel
AR561 Stainless Steel Brush, Straight Slot
AR5631 Motor Brush for Vacuum Pump
AR568 Replaced by AR2183
AR569 Nickel Capsule 4.7 OD x 9.7 SM
AR570 Tin Plugs 150 per Bottle
AR571 Copper Capsule
AR579 Metal Scoop
AR585 Titanium Standard
AR5859 Wire Cleaning Brush
AR588 Titanium Standard
AR589 Titanium Standard
AR5875 Quartz Glass Products
AR5933 Cooling Agent (1 Pint)
AR598 Short Nibbled Nickel Low Oxygen
AR599 Long Nibbled Nickel Low Oxygen
AR601 Glass Products
AR602 Ceramic Lance Tube
AR603 Quartz Glass Products
AR604 Quartz Glass Products
AR606 Quartz Glass Products
AR6070 Inner Combustion Tube
AR608 Halogen Trap Sb Metal
AR6086 Stepped Boat Stop
AR6089 Outer Combustion Tube
AR610 Halogen Trap Material
AR6108 Quartz Glass Products
AR611 Schutze Reagent
AR615 Furnace Reagent
AR6146 Quartz Glass Products
AR6201 Ultra Low Kerosene .0010%
AR6202 Ultra Low Kerosene .0050%
AR6203 Ultra Low Kerosene .0100% S
AR6204 Ultra Low Kerosene .0150% S
AR6205 Ultra Low Kerosene .0200% S
AR6206 Ultra Low Kerosene .0400% S
AR6207 Ultra Low Kerosene .0200% S
AR6208 Ultra Low Kerosene .0300% S
AR6209 Ultra Low Kerosene .0400% S
AR621 Copper Turnings Degassed 200
AR6210 Ultra Low Kerosene .0600% S
AR6211 Ultra Low Kerosene .0700% S
AR6213 Ultra Low Kerosene .0900% S
AR6215 Ultra Low Kerosene 13 Bottle Set
AR6247 Carbon Crucibles Box of 100
AR6247M Graphite Crucibles Resealable
AR6254 Lance Tube
AR6308 Stepped Ceramic Boat Stop
AR6309 Outer Combustion Tube
AR6313 Inner Combustion Tube
AR6327 Glass Products
AR6340 Lance Tube 250mm
AR636 Vanadium Pentoxide
AR637 H/O in Titanium H=16 PPM O=5
AR638 Glass Products
AR639 Tin Flux 0.5 g Pellets 1 Pound
AR640 HON in Zirconium Pin Standard
AR6403 Ceramic Lance Tube 267mm
AR642 HON in Titanium Standard H=4
AR643 Copper Metal Scrubber
AR644 O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=3
AR645 O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=6
AR646 O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=3
AR647 HON in Titainium Pin Standard H =
AR648 HON in Titanium Standard
AR649 HON in Titanium Pin Standard H=206P
AR650 HON in Titanium Pin Standard H=60PPM
AR651 HON in Titanium Pin Standard H=29PPM
AR652 Cleaning Brush
AR653 Cleaning Brush with Handle
AR654 O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=34
AR6547 Boat Puller
AR655 O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=2
AR656 O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=8
AR657 O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=77
AR659 O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=13
AR660 O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=6
AR661 O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=4
AR662 O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=3
AR663 O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=43
AR6632 Lance Tube 253mm
AR6644 #2 Stepped Ceramic Stop
AR6646 Air Filter Coating
AR6655 Glass Products
AR668 O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=1
AR669 O/N in Steel Pin Standard O=2
AR670 ON in Steel Pin Standard
AR673 Wrought Iron Chip Standard C=0
AR6747 Drilled Lance Tube, 2 Hole
AR675 O/N in Steel Pin Standard
AR676 High O/N in Steel Pin Standard
AR683 Combustion Tube for CS744 and CS844
AR695 Tin Metal 20 Mesh 25 Pound Can
AR697 Brush without Handle
AR704L Quartz Glass Products
AR70440 Wingnut for Eltra Furnace Cleaning Mechanism
AR706 Pedestal
AR7060 Quartz Glass Products
AR7066 Quartz Glass Products
AR710 Quartz Glass Products
AR71010 Eltra Cleaning Brush
AR71029 Eltra Cleaning Brush
AR71030 Eltra Cleaning Brush
AR719 Coke Standard
AR720 Coke Standard
AR723 Coke Standard
AR732 Prox Coke 50 g
AR733 Prox Coke 50 g
AR734 Prox Coke 50 g
AR735 Stainless Steel Brush, Diagonal Slot, Coarse Wire
AR742B Petroleum Coke 50 g Bottle
AR744 Calcined Petroleum Coke
AR745 Green Petroleum Coke
AR746 Glass Products
AR747 Green Petroleum Coke
AR748 Discontinued. See AR744
AR7548 Glass Products
AR756 Green Petroleum Coke
AR7605 Large Crucible for Liquid
AR76005 Eltra Knurled Nut
AR761 Crucible RH-3pk of 10
AR762 Glass Products
AR7629 Alphacel V Tungsten 5 pounds
AR7630 Alphacel V Tungsten 30 pounds
AR7631 Alphacel VI Tungsten 5 pounds
AR7632 Alphacel VI Tungsten 30 pounds
AR7633 Alphacel VII Tungsten 5 pounds
AR7634 Alphacel VII Tungsten 30 pounds
AR766 Deluxe Crucible Tweezers
AR7716 Glass Products
AR782 Graphite Crucibles
AR7827 Hi Temp Carbon Crucible
AR782HD Graphite Crucibles High Density
AR782P Graphite Crucible
AR786 OMI Purifier Tube for OHN Determinators
AR79001 Graphite Crucible
AR800 Arrow Root Starch Solution
AR801 Glass Products
AR809 Induction Coil HF/10
AR816 Ceramic Pedestal
AR8028 Filtering Crucible Small
AR8028B Filtering Curcible Small
AR8028F Filtering Crucible Small
AR8030 Filtering Crucible Large 100
AR8120 Crucible - Low C&S 150/Can
AR8203 Combustion Boat Box of 500
AR8312 Combustion Tube
AR8314 Ceramic Tube
AR8314Q Quartz Glass Products
AR8330 Ceramic Tube
AR8331 Ceramic Tube
AR8332 Ceramic Tube
AR8333 Ceramic Tube
AR8339 Quartz Glass Products
AR8379 Quartz Wool Strips 15"
AR8505 Ceramic Inner Combustion Tube
AR8599 Low Oxygen Nickel Flux
AR869 C/S Ring Standard C=0.019% S=0.014%
AR870 C/S Ring Standard C=.032% S=.034%
AR871 C/S Ring Standard C=.053% S=.033%
AR872 C/S Ring Standard C=.182% S=.019%
AR873 C/S Ring Standard C=.468% S=.0110%
AR874 C/S Ring Standard C=.723% S=.022%
AR875 C/S Ring Standard C=.817% S=.0035%
AR876 C/S Ring Standard C=.546% S=.0082%
AR877 Trim Step Brush
AR878 C/S Ring Standard C=.272% S=.020%
AR880 Glass Products
AR8809 Glass Products
AR881 C/S Pin Standard C=.0170% S=.0031%
AR882 C/S Pin Standard C=.064% S=.021%
AR883 C/S Pin Standard C=.193% S=.018%
AR884 C/S Pin Standard C=.4410% S=.0110%
AR885 C/S Pin Standard C=.805% S=.022%
AR886 C/S Pin Standard C=.738% S=.024%
AR888 C/S Pin Standard C=.079% S=.234%
AR889 C/S Pin Standard C=.996% S=.010%
AR8891 Quartz Glass Products
AR8892 Quartz Glass Products
AR890 C/S Pin Standard C=.099% S=.018%
AR891 C/S Pin Standard C=.038% S=.033%
AR892 C/S Pin Standard C=.0050% S=.0025%
AR893 C/S Pin Standard C=1.53% S=.013%
AR894 C/S Pin Standard C=.544% S=.0096%
AR895 C/S Pin Standard C=.247% S=.021%
AR896 C/S Pin Standard C=0.170% S=0.087%
AR899 Honeycomb Support
AR900 Quartz Glass Products
AR9001 Inconel Boat, Reusable
AR9002 Inconel Boat, Reusable
AR901 Glass Products
AR9011 Ceramic Liner
AR9012 Boat Stop Kit
AR9022 Boat Stop Half
AR9023 Boat Stop, Coarse
AR9031 Cone Support D
AR90341 Cellulose Material 50g
AR9042 Ceramic Crucible Glazed TGA 16cc
AR9043 Ceramic Cover for TGA
AR9046 Ceramic Tube
AR9047 Ceramic Crucible Glazed TGA 20cc
AR9047G Ceramic Crucible Unglazed TGA 20cc
AR9048 Ceramic Cover for TGA
AR9048G Ceramic Cover for TGA
AR905 Glass Products
AR9065 Quartz Glass Products
AR90815-19 Calcium Carbonate Standard
AR909 Mortar and Pestle Set
AR909M Mortar
AR909P Pestle
AR910 Quartz Glass Products
AR911 Glass Products
AR9110 Ceramic Boat Stop Hi Flow
AR9116 Quartz Glass Products
AR911E Glass Products
AR911H Glass Products
AR911R Glass Products
AR912 Platinized Silica
AR912B Platinized Silica
AR9129 Quartz Glass Products
AR913 Glass Products
AR914 Glass Products
AR9154 Quartz Glass Products
AR917 Glass Products
AR9204 Combustion Boat S144
AR9204-250 Combustion Boat S144
AR9204P Combustion Boat S144
AR922 Quartz Glass Products
AR923 Quartz Glass Products
AR9268 Glass Products
AR928 Glass Products
AR929 Crucible Tongs
AR931 Glass Products
AR9316 Glass Products
AR932 Glass Products
AR933 Glass Products
AR936 Glass Products
AR938 Composite Brush
AR9412 Quartz Glass Products
AR9425 Glass Products
AR946 C/S/N Chip Standard C=0.0029%
AR947 C/S/N Chip Standard C=0.389%
AR948 C/S/N Chip Standard C=0.509%
AR949 C/S/N Chip Standard C=0.018%
AR950 C/S/N Chip Standard C=0.055%
AR951 C/S/N Chip Standard C=0.150%
AR952 C/S/N Chip Standard C=0.462%
AR9520 Graphite Crucible RH-2
AR9520C Graphite Crucible RH-2
AR9520M Graphite Crucible RH-2
AR953 C/S/N Chip Standard C=0.927%
AR954 C/S/N Chip Standard C=0.402%
AR955 C/S/N Chip Standard C=0.203%
AR956 C/S/N Chip Standard C=0.492%
AR957 C/S/N Chip Standard C=0.183%
AR958 C/S/N Chip Standard C=0.058%
AR959 C/S/N Chip Standard C=0.019%
AR960 C/S/N Chip Standard C=0.121
AR961 C/S/N Powdered Metal Standard
AR963 International Steel Chip Standard
AR9721 Quartz Wool Extra Fine 1-4 µ
AR978 Glass Products
AR980 In Line Particle Filter
AR981 Side Arm Cleaning Brush
AR9821 Molecular Sieve, Activated
AR9842 Hopkalite Catalyst
AR9880 Ceramic Cover, 10mm Hole 1000/box
AR9880S Ceramic Cover, 10mm Hole 250/bag
AR9880-100 Ceramic Cover, 10mm Hole 100/bag
ARG3026 Quartz Glass Products
ARPX15-2 Potassium Iodate
ASD2000 Silver Capsules
ASD2001 Silver Capsules
ASD2002 Silver Capsules
ASD2003 Silver Capsules
ASD2006 Silver Capsules
ASD2007 Silver Capsules
ASD2008 Silver Capsules
ASD2009 Silver Capsules
ASD2010 Silver Capsules
ASD2012 Silver Capsules
ASD2027 Silver Capsules
ASD2029 Silver Capsules
ASD2092 Silver Capsules
ATD1000 Tin Capsules Pressed 4 x 3.2
ATD1001 Tin Capsules 4 mm x 3.2 mm 100
ATD1002 Tin Capsules 5 x 3.5 500 Pack
ATD1003 Tin Capsules 5 x 3.5 100 Pack
ATD1006 Tin Capsules 6 x 4 mm 500 Pack
ATD1007 Tin Capsules 6 x 4 mm 100 Pack
ATD1008 Tin Capsules 8 x 5 mm 250 Pack
ATD1009 Tin Capsules 8 x 5 mm 100 Pack
ATD1010 Tin Capsules 12 x 5 mm 200 Pack
ATD1011 Tin Capsules 20 x 8 mm 100 Pack
ATD1027 Tin Capsules 6 x 4 Clean 96 Pack
ATD1029 Tin Capsules 8 x 5 Clean 96 Pack
ATD4002 Tin Capsules
ATD4005 Tin Capsules, Smooth
ATD4023 Tin Capsules
ATD5216 Tin Foil Capsules 10 x 10 mm
AXR505 Tapered Aluminum Cups, 32mm
AXR535 Tapered Aluminum Cups, 35mm
AXR540 Straight Wall Aluminum Cups, 39mm
AXR545 Tapered Aluminum Cups, 40mm
AXR547 Tapered Aluminum Cups, 45mm
CO102 UCon (TM) Lubricant
CO104 UCon (TM) Lubricant
DMR1073 Sulfur/Chlorine in Lube Oil
DMR1414 2.2% S in #2 Diesel
DMR1512 Base Oil for BTU 500mL
DMR1512M BTU in Base Lube Oil 118mL
DMR1591 100 PPM N in Vacuum Gas Oil
DMR1771 1.5% Sulfur in Crude Oil
DMR1993 Sulfur/Chlorine in Lube OIl
DMR2063 3% Cl & BTU, 2 oz
DMR2124 Sulfur in Gasoline 10PPM 100mL
DMR2125 Sulfur in Gasoline 30PPM 100mL
DMR2126 Sulfur in Gasoline 50PPM 100mL
DMR2127 Sulfur in Gasoline 70PPM 100mL
DPR1109 Sulfur in Coal 0.2%
KED1016 Alundum
KED1017 Porous Filter disks
KED1018 Calcined Alunimum Oxide
KED1019 Cobalt Shot
KED1022 Synthetic Catalyst Standard
KED1023 Boron Carbide Standard
KED1024 Synthetic Catalyst Standard
KED1025 High Oxygen in Iron Powder
SP1001 Electrode Brush
SP1002 Electrode Brush
SP1004 Quartz Glass Products
ZZZ12516 Quartz Glass Products
  No MSDS Required
Latest News

Alpha has successfully completed its ISO 17025 and 17034 certification assessments. This reaffirms Alpha's ongoing pursuit to provide high quality products that its customers can depend on to deliver consistent, reliable results. Please click here to view the new documents. 

Our technical team was approached by a Fortune 500 company to help them with a Loss on Ignition or LOI/residue reference standard for testing a proprietary material they produce. Their process used a Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA) and was modified to test their specific materials. Initially we were able to provide them with a reference standard that had somewhat similar properties for them to reference. The company’s product is highly proprietary and initially the customer was apprehensive about sharing further details with our team. Over time, as the customer became more familiar with Alpha Resources® and our personnel, their appreciation for our technical capabilities and confidence grew considerably.