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Dumas Nitrogen/Protein Analyzers by Velp®

The NDA701 is a versatile and cloud-enabled analyzer using the Dumas combustion method, the Velp Dumas Nitrogen/Protein analyzer is able to perform precise nitrogen analysis and protein determination in a flash. The NDA701 is the best solution for high productivity and offers unique benefits, being totally unsupervised.

The NDA702 is a versatile and cloud-enabled Dumas Protein/Nitrogen Analyzer, able to perform precise nitrogen analysis and protein determination using either Helium or Argon as carrier gas. IThe NDA702 is ieal for markets where Helium is scarce as it offers high throughput and precision.

Alpha offers aftermarket consumables for both the Velp NDA701 and the Velp NDA702.

Consumables Reference Guide for the NDA701/702

Alpha Resources also offers aftermarket consumables supplies for the CN802. The CN802  is a versatile and cloud enabled elemental-analyzer able to perform precise carbon and nitrogen analysis in 3-4 minutes. The CN802 is the ideal solution for high throughput offering complete safety to operators

Latest News

Stevensville, Michigan, January 19, 2022 – Alpha Resources LLC, the largest manufacturer of aftermarket consumables and reference materials, is pleased to announce the following certified reference materials have been released in Q4 of 2021. Please click to meet more.

November 9, 2021 - As an authorized US dealer for ELTRA® analyzers, Alpha Resources is delighted to showcase the new 2021 anaylzers, CS-r and CHS-r. Click here to read more about ELTRA's analyzers.