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AR2186 Tin Foil Cups, 36mm x 36mm

Alpha Part No.

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OEM Part Numbers

Elementar® 200009010/05 000 429
Gerhardt® 7718
LECO® 502-186
Velp® A00000153
Costech® 041071
Crossings f300
OEM Part No: The use of the OEM part numbers is intended for convenience only and does not imply that the products are of OEM origin. All OEM trade marks acknowledged.

Compatible Instruments

Costech® ECS4010
Elementar® Inductar EL Cube
Elementar® Inductar OHN Cube
Elementar® Rapid CS Cube
Elementar® Rapid N
Elementar® Rapid N Cube
Elementar® Rapid N Exceed
Elementar® Rapid Oxy Cube
Elementar® Trace SN Cube
Elementar® Vario EL
Elementar® Vario El Cube
Elementar® Vario Isotope Cube/Select
Elementar® Vario Macro
Elementar® Vario Macro Cube
Elementar® Vario Micro Cube/UniCube
Elementar® Vario Pyro Cube
Elementar® Vario TOC Cube
Gerhardt® Dumatherm
LECO® 828 Series
Velp® CN 802 Carbon Nitrogen Analyzer
Velp® NDA701
Velp® NDA702

Frequently bought with

  • Tin Foil Cups, 36mm X 36mm

    Alpha Part: AR2186-200 | UOM: 200
    OEM Parts: Elementar® 200009010/05 000 429, Gerhardt® 7718, LECO® 502-186, 502-186-200, Velp® A00000153, Costech® 041071, Crossings f300, f200
  • Copper Sticks

    Alpha Part: AR189 | UOM: 100G
    OEM Parts: LECO® 502-189/502-282/502-705, Elementar® 200014271/05 000 699, Horiba® 3014006855/905.201.360.001, Crossings ci1305
  • EDTA CRM (C=41.10%, H=5.52%, N=9.59%, O=43.79%)

    Alpha Part: AR2092-250 | UOM: 250G
    OEM Parts: LECO® 502-092-250/502-896-250, Crossings ci1605
  • Copper Sticks, Resealable Container

    Alpha Part: AR2304-500 | UOM: 500G
    OEM Parts: LECO® 502-304-500/502-973, Crossings ci1305, ci1306
  • Combustion Tube

    Alpha Part: AR9065 | UOM: EACH
    OEM Parts: LECO® 619-065, Costech® ci1545
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