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  • Alpha Part: AEB1002
    OEM Parts:
    LECO® 502-190, Horiba® 13014002955/905.120.240.004, Velp® A00000157, Perkin Elmer N241-0691, Gerhardt® 14-0027/7730, Costech® 011003, Eltra 88600-0021
  • Glass Wool

    UOM: 1LB
    Alpha Part: AR081
    OEM Parts:
    LECO® 501-081, Eltra 90331/90332, Bruker® L04000011
  • Alpha Part: AR170
    OEM Parts:
    LECO® 501-170, Eltra 90289/90290, Bruker® L014000170, Horiba® 014 002 955/905.120.240.001, Elementar® EAS OXYCAT 4
  • Alpha Part: AR171
    OEM Parts:
    LECO® 501-171/501-171-HAZ, Eltra 90200, Elementar® 03 679 901/05 005 080, Bruker® L031V05873, Horiba® 3200043831/905.200.500-001 AN/905.200.550.001, Velp® A00000225, Gerhardt® 7713, Costech® 021022
  • Alpha Part: AR177
    OEM Parts:
    LECO® 502-177/502-314, Eltra 90330/90339, Elementar® 03 679 908, Bruker® L040000012, Horiba® 3200044012/905.201.660.001/905.201.660.001AN, Velp® A00000154, Costech® 021036/021037/021026
  • Copper Sticks

    UOM: 100G
    Alpha Part: AR189
    OEM Parts:
    LECO® 502-189/502-282/502-705, Elementar® 03 679 924/05 000 699, Horiba® 3014006855/905.201.360.001
  • Alpha Part: AR2174
    OEM Parts:
    LECO® 183-001/502-174, Elementar® 03 679 900/905.200.970.001/905.200.970.001 AN, Bruker® L031VU01564
  • Alpha Part: AR2176
    OEM Parts:
    LECO® 502-176, Eltra 90210, Costech® 021020
  • Alpha Part: AR2304
    OEM Parts:
    LECO® 502-304/502-844/502-878
  • Alpha Part: AR2304-500
    OEM Parts:
    LECO® 502-304-500/502-973
  • Alpha Part: AR912
    OEM Parts:
    LECO® 501-587, Bruker® L014000912, Elementar® EAS OXYCAT 4, Eltra 88400-0535
Latest News

Stevensville, Michigan, April 28, 2020 – Alpha Resources LLC has produced their first Ferrochrome Certified Reference Material, AR 308, for Carbon and Sulfur.
“Alpha Resources has not previously offered any Ferrochrome materials as a CRM; being our first, this is a notably high carbon which is not typically presented in other CRMs,” notes Kent Dyer, Chief Chemist at Alpha Resources.
Additional information about this new CRM and all Alpha CRMs may be found on the website under Reference Materials.

Alpha Resources is closely monitoring events associated with the current COVID-19 emergency. We are also taking steps to ensure that our valued supply chain partners can continue to operate both safely and within the applicable federal, state, and local governmental regulations.