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Useful Items

The list of lab supplies below are specific to the needs of your ELTRA® CW-800 analyzer. 

  • Eltra Cooling Fan

    *Item can only ship inside of US*

    UOM: EA
    Alpha Part: AR11035
    OEM Parts:
    Eltra 11035
  • Eltra Paper Filter Holder

    *Item can only ship inside of US*

    UOM: EA
    Alpha Part: AR11120
    OEM Parts:
    Eltra 11120
  • Please SEE AR980

    Alpha Part: AR11170
    OEM Parts:
    Eltra 11170
  • Alpha Part: AR11185
    OEM Parts:
    Eltra 11185
  • Alpha Part: AR177
    OEM Parts:
    LECO® 502-177/502-314, Eltra 90330/90339, Elementar® 200004827/03 679 908, Bruker® JW-L040000012, Horiba® 3200044012/905.201.660.001/905.201.660.001AN, Velp® A00000154, Costech® 021036/021037/021026, Crossings ci1420
  • Eltra Connection Tube (4mm x 6mm)

    *Item can only ship inside of US*

    UOM: 1MTR
    Alpha Part: AR73030
    OEM Parts:
    Eltra 73030
  • Alpha Part: AR929
    OEM Parts:
    LECO® 761-929, Elementar® 200010529/05 005 049, Eltra 90145, Bruker® JW-N009310122
Latest News

Stevensville, Michigan, June 28, 2022 - Alpha Resources LLC, the largest manufacturer of aftermarket consumables and reference materials, was recently featured in an article for Spectroscopy magazine as well as thier podcast. The article focused on the need for CRMs in organic analysis. Please click to listen to the podcast or click to read the article.

Stevensville, Michigan, April 12, 2022 – Alpha Resources LLC is pleased to announce the following certified reference materials have been released in Q1 of 2022. Click here to read.